Wow! Edo Big Boys Spraying Dollars in Italy

edo big boy
Some Edo big boys had their Association’s Day Out in Italy recently and you won’t believe what they did with dollars. Check out the stacks of dollars on the table waiting to be sprayed.  Except maybe that’s just $1dollar bills even at that is this...
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Chineke! Obama 16 year old daughter is pregnant?

Obama 1
The White House has has not seen a baby since 1884 but is all that set to change? There were claims on the net that Malia, President Barrack Obama’s teenage daughter is expecting. But the claims were trashed and I hear the source that broke...
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Latest Akpos Jokes: Akpos and his Pastor

Akpos’ pastor added him on facebook and he innocently accepted. Two minutes later his message came in: Pastor: How are you? Akpos: I’m fine, my daddy. Pastor: May the building of heavenly favour collapse on your head Akpos: (no reply) Pastor: May the thunder of...
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Latest Akpos Joke: Ebola in the Church

Akpos went to Church on Sunday and gave testimony that he was infected with Ebola and that God had healed him. When he finished, he tried to give the microphone to the second man who was waiting to give his own testimony, but the man...
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Funny: See the way Naija couples kiss

Someone should educate some naija couples on how to kiss oo. See how these couples kiss each other in public.                       
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SEE How Cossy Expose her Body in the Name of Fashion

Rather than change, Cossy is getting worse with her reckless flaunting. Her late night outfit has been causing a lot of “ripples” online. It’s so bad that her massive oranges and panties were on full display.
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See the woman on the back of N20 note, Madam Ladi Kwali

NIGERIA madam lady kwali
She is Nigeria’s best known potter who was awarded a Doctorate and was made MBE in 1963 for the level of detail and skill she utilized while making her pots. Ladi Dosei Kwali (1925-1983) popularly known as Dr Ladi Kwali was born in 1925 in...
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Lol: Jonathan wants you to vote for Buhari

vote for change
See Gobe  o!  Goodluck Jonathan is campaigning for Buhari for the 2015 Presidential election. Laugh Wan Kill Me Die
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10 differences between MESSI and RONALDO

1. When RONALDO scores he points at himself. When MESSI scores he points up, 2. RONALDO will do 5 skills to beat 1 player. MESSI will do 1 trick to beat 5 players. 3. RONALDO is compared to Messi.. While MESSI is compared to Pele...
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It will take just 60 seconds to read this and change your thinking

Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was next to the room’s only window. The other man...
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