Chisos! Married woman caught doing it with a younger lover

This woman husband said he was travelling out of town for a week, not knowing that he lied to her because of the trash he has been hearing about her. The wife quickly arranged for her lover, a young boy, to come service her at home....
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Incredible! See how this dude stop 5 penalties with his face

Watch the video below to see how this dude use his face to stop 5 penalties and made his team won. The video is funny but you will feel for the young guy too.   Share your comments below.
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A man was travelling in his private car along the lagos. On express Road, he sighted a huge bush meat hanging on a stick and decided to buy. He stopped & priced…… Madam, how much is your bush meat?……. The madam reply …. Oga na...
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World Tallest and Shortest Man Meet

See the world tallest man and the world shortest man shaking hand in the picture below. Na wa oo
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Serena Williams Goes Naked to Attract a Husband

Nawa for this American celebrity oooo. Just because you need a husband, must you go naked and exposing your boobs to the public? Well guys, look at the boobs very well and tell me what you think. I know you look staring at boobs. Girls,...
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Conversations between Akpos and 419

419: helo Akpos: helo who is this? 419: its your friend from london. Akpos: which of my friends from london because I have many friend from london? 419: just guess… Akpos: is it chinedu? 419: yes yes this is chinedu, how is lagos? Akpos: nigeria...
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Pastor Ask Female Church Members to go Naked and Kissed Their Ass At Beach

The world is truly coming to an end..It has been revealed that the pastor in this picture asked his female members who are spinsters to a beach where they were asked to undress and were kissed on their ass as a sign for them to...
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CRK Teacher and his Students

A new CRK teacher, transferred to a JSS 2 class during the mid term, wanted to know how well the students understood the syllabus so far. He decided to start from the last topic the previous teacher had taught, “Hello class, who broke down the...
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When your ex just won 12 million

worried girl
A guy was dating a girl for six months & he got tired of the relationship. Later in the evening he took her out & bought a bottle of malt 4 her. Then after, he told the girl that the relationship was over. The Girl Cried for a...
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How to borrow airtime from Telecom Networks in Nigeria without paying back

In real sense, to borrow something without refund requires a trick, strength, mind and ability to take a particular action that will overcome opposing force but is it good? Whatever, as you read on you will know whether you has the ability (mind) to use...
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