Comedian Yaw Caught Redhanded Staring at Cossy’s Boobs

Believe it or not, Cossy Orjiakor doesn’t leave prisoners wherever she goes. You may say her boobs have been with us too long to make much impact on us any more but each time these humongous pair come in sight they always leave a long...
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I may lose my virginity soon — Adokiye Kyrian

Vulnerably beautiful Adokiye Kyrian, peace ambassador, architect, singer and actress, made a big fuss sometime last year, when she revealed to Potpourri that she was still a virgin. Not a big deal, but in this fast and furious era where youngsters want to get high,...
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I used to beg for money to eat — Tonto Dikeh

There are many sides to everybody. For Tonto Dikeh, it seems the side that is well known is the wild one. Controversial as many may think this singer and actress is, she does have her subtle side and she laid it on the line for...
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Sex is sweet when you are with someone you love — Yoruba actress Enitan Dugbemi

Sexy and busty Enitan Odugbemi is a Yoruba actress who is gradually making a name for herself in the movie industry. The role interpreter who loves to be called Gallant Enny has featured in films like Alayaki, Ayo Igbehin, among others. When Potpourri asked her...
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See these kids acting Jonathan and Buhari Inauguration

jonathan and buhari kids
Someone sent this picture to me. These kids were dressed like Jonathan and Buhari and acted the handover inauguration. Very creative kids.
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Guys, pls dont make the mistake of marrying these 10 types of women!

1. The Chatterbox This is the woman who never shuts up, barely stopping to breathe. Seemingly only concerned about what is going on in her life, she always has to make a comment about everything and dominates conversations. 2. The Desperate Chick This type of...
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Jokes: How Akpos Slept With The Wrong Lady..Lol

Akpos comes back from work at night and heads straight to the bedroom to make love to his wife. When done, he goes straight to the kitchen to fetch himself a bottle of cold drink only to find his wife there looking for something in...
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See The Man That Trekked From Jama’are To Bauchi But No One To Welcome Him

man that trekked
This is Isa Zubo the man who trekked 200km from Jama’are to Bauchi admist scotching heat to congratulate Governor elect Bar. M.A Abubakar of Bauchi State and the APC victory nation wide,but found nobody to welcome him despite informing the APC chairman jama’are before starting....
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Video: Man Hangs Himself In Lagos

The body of a man was yesterday found dangling near a tree along 7Up/Governor Road in Alausa, Ikeja area of Lagos State. The dangling body of the man in his 30s caused a scare in the area, as many pedestrians avoided taking that side of...
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OMG! Watch This Crazy Sprite Advert Trending Online

This Sprite advert from Germany, has got to be the best advert airing anywhere on Earth. Watch the short advert below.
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